The Guardian really needs to stop lying …

The Guardian has made itself a laughingstock by repeating this as fact. Asking two or three people who once worked in military intelligence how the system works would have cleared this up in minutes. Apparently they’re either too lazy to do any real journalism or they’re happy with spreading the lies. The evidence is quickly piling up in favor of the latter.

The XX Committee

As The Guardian has taken center stage in the Snowden drama, serving as the English-language conduit of choice for publishing classified information about the National Security Agency and its partners that was stolen by Edward Snowden, it’s taken heat from the British government about its possibly illegal activities.

As a dodge, Guardian editors have taken to throwing around the “no big deal” excuse because, they claim, 850,000 people in the US, UK, and partner governments had access to this stuff. It was simply Ed, one in an (almost) million, who did the dirty deed. For one of the many iterations of this nonsense see here.

Yet nonsense it is. It plays on the fact the US and Allied governments have given out a lot of high-level clearances in recent years. But it requires a bit of explanation to understand the details – and why The Guardian is lying.


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